Love in my memory

Year of Production
Content Type
Web/Mobile Content
Online Video Platform/MCN
Target Age
18(min) 6Quantity Input


University student Yu Ha-ri, who’s dreaming an actress, witnesses a murder case and protected by police. Meanwhile police decides to use fMRI technology which is developed by Jinwoo (Loi). With this technology, he can visualize the mind of people and make it as real sound. Police scans Ha-ri’s brain to find out the murder but fails continuously. To find murder, police invites developer of fMRI technology Jinwoo and he joins police task force team to find out murder. While doing fMRI scanning, Ha-ri and Jinwoo get to know that they were very close when they were young, in fact, first love …

Company Profile


Intercon Media

Interconmedia is a Korean company specialized on content distribution for broadcasting , new media and film industry. We distribute Korean drama series, documentary, films, web drama series, lifestyle and animations in HD/4K UHD.
In partnership with local partners in USA, Japan and Taiwan, we do content service in American, Japanese and Taiwanese platforms continuously with Korean programs. In Korea, we have launched over 200 feature films in Korean digital platforms.
- Korean Drama series, Web Drama, Documentary, Lifestyle
- Korean Film Distribution, average one new release per month

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