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The Comprehensive Cognitive Ability is the most basic measurement program to check the user's overall cognitive ability, consisting of a Background Brain waves part to understand the user's basic condition and a Cognitive Ability part to measure cognitive ability by area. The Background Brain waves contains one type of test content that measures background brain waves when external stimuli are blocked. A total of three test contents can be performed by adding Focused Attention, spatial Perception and Working Memory to the cognitive ability test part.

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Looxid Labs Inc.

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Looxid Labs Inc.

Looxid Labs is a privately-held company based in the Republic of Korea.
Looxid Labs develops an AI-driven cognitive health care data platform to help in spotting signs of cognitive impairment and detecting early signs of dementia by collecting and analyzing users' biosignals, such as eye-tracking and EEG data, in VR.
Looxid Labs has attracted a lot of attention and garnered significant success since winning “Best of Innovation Award” in the VR/AR category at CES 2018.

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