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No one does not find in the devastated amusement park Thousands of lights and the memories ...
People would gather out the lights again the story of the fairy lights.
Lucy Fong is the firefly fairies.
Fireflies are mainly active during night time.
Lucy Fong will be happy that their light is helpful to people or animals.
Lucy Fong love to you getting friendly with people.
Lucy Fong are dreaming to live with humans and elves forever.

Company Profile


ToRi Art

In a desolate and depressing era, it is more like a "beautiful, smooth and artificial" character
I think that "personality", "warm", "sensory" character can appeal more.
Toriart is a Korean design brand that can express everything you imagine.
We offer professional illustrations and character designs with high-quality competitive designs.
Toriat is producing character products and expanding its distribution network through the highest level of "One - Source Multi - Use" environment.

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