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Let's go to the Forest of Keys to recover the king's memory!
Please find the beautiful memories of the king have sealed in the treasure chest.
The forest of Keys where true and fake keys are hidden! Now the adventures will start!

Magic Keys is simple and beautiful push-your-luck game to collect gems.
Player rolls the dice to move forward on the road. When the player stops at a space with a key, they could try to open the treasure chest.
If the key was a true key, the chest will open! They get some gems as reward according to the color of the key.
If you want more gems when open the chest, you should reach a farther space on the road! But be careful! If your all dice goes sleep, your turn will immediately end!

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주식회사 행복한바오밥

Happy Baobab - Developing Boardgames Since 2004.
- Since 2004 Happy Baobab has developed over 100 games.
The best ones sell over 200,000 copies every year!
- We are always looking for good games.
Happy Baobab has an in-house developing team and runs a design studio
Happy Baobab launched fun games world-wide with more than 30 countries.
- We cover all kinds of distribution channels in Korea.
Proactive game demonstration all year round.
Widespread marketing and communications
Tournaments, Baobab Challenges & Baobab Game Day etc.

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