Year of Production
Content Type
3D Animation
Target Age
11(min) 52Quantity Input
Production Stage
Completed Programs
Detailed Genre
Comic Action



The World has been designed by the so called '12 elements'. 12 months, 12 hours, 12 sectors…etc. Among them, there were 12 wisdoms that maintained peace and happiness throughout the world. The 12 creatures stand for the 12 respective wisdoms, each of which is called a ‘Mascot’ by humans. However, 'Muspel‘, the thirteenth mascot who hates humans puts the twelve mascots in cursed Masks and transforms them into Takers. The Mascots transformed into the Takers rule over humans, causing men to end up as slaves for Muspel. Now, the only hope for humans are the “Four Guardians” who defend the four parts of the world. However, only when the four guardians are united with the human through the Masks can their true power be unleashed! Is it possible that innocent men will find the Masks to fight against Muspel? Can the four guardians conquer evil and save the world?

Company Profile

Character Animation

Studio W.Baba

Studio W.Baba is a creative animation studio. Our service include developing contents / 3D animation production and consulting. With a variety of animation contents since its first broadcast on KBS in 2013, it has expanded its business scope by producing works such as "Mask Masters", "Hello Carbot", "Magic Adventures", "Space Bug" and others.

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