Me, Myself and Travel 4

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The real travel begins with the actress who performed amazing performances in TV dramas and movies. New cities, strangers, accidental encounters can be another film with them in this program.
Kim, Seo-hyung, who has very chic and straightforward charms, visits Rome she always wanted to travel to. Jeon, So-Min,
As a rising star, Jeon So-Min visits France from romantic Paris, as well as the palace of Versailles, to fairy-tale Mont Saint Michel. Finally, Yun, Jin-seo, who is the author of the travel book and living in Jeju island, seeks to find an emotional city Seattle, which is the setting of the movie-Sleepless in Seattle

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Starting as "SkyHD" in 2003, SkyLifeTV was the pioneering company in Korea to open up the era of 24-hour HD broadcasting. Now, it is the leading MPP in the market, launching 13 stations including world's first ever 3D and UHD channels, becoming the forerunner of technology in Korean broadcasting industy. SkyLifeTV's prime mission statement is entertaining the viewers. With this goal in mind, we create over 200 hours worth of original contents in collaboration with international partners, presenting them to the viewers through 6 channels such as entertainment-focused channels ENA and ENA PLAY, and premier curatorial channel ONCE.

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