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3D Animation
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90(min) 1Quantity Input
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"MegaRacer: The Ultimate Racing Tournament Through Space and Time!"

Once every eight years, on the night when the Stella Star rises, a mysterious portal opens, heralding the start of the greatest racing event, <MEGARACE>. The winner is awarded a tremendous cash prize and a secret item imbued with great power. However, many participants fail to complete the race, becoming lost in the portal and trapped in the spacetime continuum forever.

Hoya is a young tiger living a peaceful life on Slow Island. One day, a girl named Chiti arrives in a state-of-the-art car, bringing news about Hoya’s biological parents. Hoya's parents were the winners of <MEGARACE> eight years ago. However, they disappeared right after their victory, and the mystery of their disappearance remains unsolved.
It is said that the legendary racing car they left behind can only be activated by Hoya's paw. Chiti, whose goal is to win <MEGARACE>, has come all this way to recruit Hoya as her partner. Determined to find his parents, Hoya decides to join her. Their slightly skeptical friend, Dochi, tags along, and thus begins the adventure of the three companions.

Company Profile

Character Animation

Redrover Co., Ltd.

From the first to the Greatest

The center of value chain of Asian cultural business, Redrover

The Nut Job was unprecedented success in the Asian animation history as it recorded 160 million dollars in sales all over the world and came in second place in the Hollywood box office.

Aside from the successful history, Redrover will promise to grow up as the global contents production company over the Asia.

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