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In 2019, ‘METAFICTION’ Collective was established not only as a multimedia production company but also as an artistic hub for promoting a wide range of creative-making. Based in New York and Seoul, METAFICTION aims to create works that are original and unbound to preexisting norms. 

Company Profile

Broadcasting Character Animation Music Startup Immersive Content


The evolution of communication from text to graphics and from later pictures to video is part of a huge evolution to deliver more information. The reason why video is chosen as an effective way to communicate information to busy modern people at a given time explains why video inevitably has evolved. As such, the video effectively conveys to the audience the essence of what is shown through the media by delivering images more specific than text and graphics.

It's the age of video. What would you do if you needed a promotion to sell something?
The video will help you get to the right answer. And you will need a partner to work with in the planning and process of the solution.

"Metafiction can be the perfect companion to your business."

We express almost everything that can be expressed in videos. Our expressions are visual and specific to the medium. We provide innovative and original representation specific to the client.

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