Minglecon! English at school 240

Year of Production




● The character, Mingcon is fond of challenging and adventurous and enthusiastic. Users solve out the tasks at a school per differentiated levels.

● After completing the entire task while playing three game modes and 20 difficulty levels, Users can move to a variety of themes.

Based on Game Algorithm in Education (English Language Learning)

● Realistic English play sound and response play

● Maximizing the effectiveness of learning Practice mode, challenge mode, hard mo

Company Profile

Minglecon CO., Ltd.

Game Startup Immersive Content Other

Minglecon Co., Ltd

We took computational thinking which is a core competence
of problem sovling as cont such as problem recgonition, problem solving through
pattern recognition, decomposition, abstration, algorthims, debugging, applying, connecting, automation, and optimizing.
with approach of gamification.

Minglebot AI offers interactive games, hands-on activities ,
cartoons songs with less stress and anxiety for teens
to develop Problem solving skills with mobile apps, pc apps, and physical kits.

1. History's CEO
Over 24 years' working careers , such as a vice principal in british private school,
adjunct professor, exporting gamified content abroad, etc have convinced me how important
prolem solving is for teens and even adults to go through the complex life and live smart.
This is the background of the company and Minglebot AI has been released.

Distinctive feature of Minglebot AI gamification
In contrast to our competitors we approach computational
thinking as content with gamified methods by utilizing mobile apps, pc, kit, AI robots…
The existing competitors have only provided tutorials for programming
languages -oriented in order to enhance problem solving skills.

We intend B2BC business under subscription model

*Target buyers are expanding from ICT and robot companies, schools, online platforms, ICT companies to local government for teens with disabilties , and senior care centers
Target buyers have started to take minglebot ai as anti-dementia, like digital therapeutics for prevention.
*Target users are teens, teens with disabilities and people who need dementia prevention.

So far Nearly we've achieved 300, 000 users, global Mous, 5 apps of export licensening contract

we are looking forward to securing second funding and partneship for advancing
subscription model, market segmentation, upgrading in the value chain process.

We intend to take up 0.01% of the entire healthcare gamification market by 2023 and
% by 2025

To convict how minglebot ai’ works,
we did case studies with 320 teens including teens with disabilities.
99% of all participants showed progress in
data analysis, prediction, corroboration, communication, and troubleshooting
to solve problems.

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