Minglecon! English in Junle 240

Year of Production




● The character, Mingcon is fond of challenging and adventurous and enthusiastic. Users solve out the tasks at a jungle per differentiated levels.

● After completing the entire task while playing three game modes and 20 difficulty levels, Users can move to a variety of themes.

Based on Game Algorithm in Education (English Language Learning)

● Realistic English play sound and response play

● Maximizing the effectiveness of learning Practice mode, challenge mode, hard mo

Company Profile

Minglecon CO., Ltd.

Game Startup

Minglecon Co., Ltd

We provide convergence of gamification with the technology of mobiles, webs, hands-on kits, Ai robots, and STEAM robots for computational thinking and English language proficiency, targeting 10s, baby boomers and Mildly Disabled people.

We do believe with the aid of gamification can be the most useful tool for users to be motivated in practicing the core competence.

Main Services:
Minglecon English Word 240 Series
Jjamjjam TOEIC
speedy number
honorary firefighters, etc.

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