Mobile authentication solution with Smart Sound

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Mobidoo innovates mobile payment methods and authentication with Smart Sound technology that transmits information through inaudible sound wave that cannot be heard by human. Smart Sound technology is applied to all devices with speakers by using the non-audible frequency band without extra equipment. Also, it supports Android and iOS both without any set up for mobile phones. Smart Sound technology is applied to mobile payment app for Lotte Department Store, Lotte Mart, Seven-Eleven and currently expanding to 30,000 retail franchise of Lotte Group.

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Mobipu launched the world's first mobile sound wave payment service in partnership with Lotte, the largest distributor in Korea. This is a result achieved by the original technology of Mobi-do which transmits information with inaudible sound. This technology makes it possible to connect all devices from home appliances to smart phones. With over 3 years of experience in commercialization, we have the best technology and experience. In addition to NFC and Bluetooth, we are able to offer various services such as payment, authentication, marketing, and IOT We are creating the best customer experience. As a result, we provide payment and authentication solutions to global companies in more than 5 countries. (* Mobile payment solution video:, * Sonic stamp image (including payment):, * Moby Dude Introduction video: Q2R_RDBFH0k)

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