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When you watch a video clip via internet, there are couple of problems.

1. You can't get product information in a video.

2. You can't share/search subsections with others.

3. You really don't want to see ads.

mSTUV helps you to solve above issues you may face when you watch video clips with your smart phone. You can simply bookmark or comment on scenes in order to share information and find product/service information.

mSTUV is a platform provided from m.Lab Inc to efficiently connect viewers to products and services of the video without interfering watching.


1. Enables user to find information with using tag on the timeline

2. Allows users to easily search for a specific part from a long-length lecture

3. Users can watch and share their favorite videos with other users

4. Ad-free watching service

Company Profile

Startup Immersive Content

m.Lab lnc

m.Lab Inc. is a smart platform service company which utilizes the synergy of the core business areas of professional IT service development centers and brand marketing professionals. m.Lab Inc. is ranked 7th of best business models amongst all the creative ventures in South Korea. m.Lab’s mSTUV platform has been included in the first government sponsored crowd funding in South Korea (May 30th 2016). As a creative leader in the Korean OTT market, mSTUV will become one of the best global media c

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