My Fellow Citizens

Year of Production
Content Type
TV Drama (Short)
TV Channel
Target Age
Infants and Toddlers
70(min) 18Quantity Input


The biggest con job of all time against an entire nation!
This hilarious and dramatic story revolves around a fraudulent conman who unintentionally ends up marrying a policewoman and gets wound up in an unwanted situation. where he becomes a political candidate for office. So begins the hilarious fraudulent scheme that hits home to those of us with average “have-not” backgrounds
as he sticks it to those oppressing “haves,” in this dramatic comedy and aims to make us feel a little better about our predicaments.
Watch as a career conman weaves his way onto the political stage and sticks it to the man.The world’s greatest con job that will fool everyone and anyone!

Company Profile


KBS Media

KBS Media was founded in 1991 and has been actively licensing international and domestic rights of contents, distributing VOD contents, importing and dubbing foreign programs and carrying on various other businesses related to contents.
KBS Media exported a drama series ‘Winter Sonata’ to Japan in 2003, first in Korean drama
history, contributing to the expansion of Korean Wave in Asia. Since then, through global contents markets, KBS media expanded its market to Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Africa, to become the leading central force of Korean Wave phenomenon.
KBS Media's merger with KBS Internet in July, 2011 has enabled the company to expand its distribution network to new media platforms such as PC, IPTV, Smart TV, and mobile devices. Consolidation of online and offline distribution is creating synergy and increasing profit to the company and enables KBS Media to be unrivaled in contents distribution.

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