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Joon Gang is a prince in a small and weak country in the East called Gahan, but after his country’s defeat in a war, he is taken hostage to another country in the west. There, Joon gets to meet Roselyn who is an autocrat queen in the kingdom of Scarden. The queen has never met Eastern people before, so she treats Joon like an exhibition and takes him to her kingdom. While they were getting closer, Roselyn finds out that Joon is actually a wolverine. Instead of keeping his secret, she tries to make him her male concubine and raise up Gahan again.

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DaonCreative Inc

As a webtoon and web novel electronic publishing company established in August 2014, our company supplies works to domestic and global webtoon and web novel platforms. We produce and sell webtoons and web novel IPs, and are particularly achieving high results in the field of webtoons (“novel comics”) based on web novels. We are distributing and distributing about 430 works in global markets such as Korea, China, and Japan, and are planning and producing about 50 different contents in-house and are about to be released. In addition, we are co-producing and distributing animations such as 'Sound of the Heart' and 'One Day I Woke Up as a Bagel Girl', and are working on various projects such as releasing 'Undead King', based on the popular webtoon, as a mobile game, and producing a drama. OSMU is a comprehensive content production and distribution company that is achieving production results.

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