NET New Technology Certification-Based Excellent Patent Innovation Product Slide Foldable Bicycle Po

Year of Production


Introducing the one-touch sliding bike pop-cycle based on human body size big data.
Pop-cycle adjusts the frame, handle, and pedal heights in 3 seconds to control buses and subways.
It can be used quickly and easily anytime, anywhere, including escalators and elevators.
It is a bicycle pop-cycle that connects all spaces in your daily life and shares every moment of movement.

Company Profile


Moqous Inc

Moqous is manufacturing, sales and sharing big data-based consumer-tailored personal mobility
After many years of consumer-oriented R&D, the company has developed a standard folding bicycle, electric scooter, lithium ion, starting with the flagship product ‘Popcycle’, a folding electric bicycle.
It produces battery packs as its main product, and the company's core technologies and products are all based on its own domestic and foreign patents and certificates.

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