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Reveal the true value of the items coming into the shop. Each item has their own history. Dig deep to see what is behind them and become an expert appraiser. Begin a tug of war with customers. With their own expectations and knowledge, they never give up on money.

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Hoochoo Game Studios Co.,Ltd.

Games created by Hoochoo Game Studios share a goal to become a “turning point.” Since our beginning in 2020, we have considered game as the best medium that carries its consumers to their self-reflecting and mind-changing experience. Providing a fictional world and a life as a totally different character, games can drag players into extreme and unrealistic but convincing circumstances, which will eventually let them follow and discover their desire and thinking. With this notion, the team aim to design a game that features players as the best and prior content of the game.

The team is currently based in Seoul, Korea.

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