Not A Game, Colorful



Jiyeon Kim of SG Entertainment aims to deliver a message of hope and love that can bring out the public's sympathy through rap with the lyrics she wrote, telling about a story of her life.
The video consists of two versions of the story. First, through rap, she talks about her true feelings and conveys a message of hope to love yourself, since modern people are also experience the same problem.
The second video contains a song dedicated to loved ones with bright, sweet yet popping lyrics. Like the title of the song, love is expressed in a variety of colorful colors, allowing listeners to feel the feeling of love through the video.

Company Profile


Cartoon Music Startup

Sparkgate Entertainment

SG Entertainment is the first Korean content production company founded by French producers. Its mission is to create an economic and cultural bridge between Asia and the Western World through the production of high-quality entertainment artists and IP. Through its proprietary methodology focused on refining artist identity and understanding market dynamics, the company has developed an unparalleled strategic advantage in optimizing the market fit of its products. SG Entertainment was founded in 2018 by Joon-Hae Spielmann and Thomas Sommer in Seoul, South Korea.

SG Entertainment is a human-focused production agency for idols, performers and creators with a strong focus on creativity and the expression of individual emotions.
SG Entertainment strives to produce engaging and sustainable contents to inspire and enable the younger generations to keep an open mind, develop a positive attitude, and take their lives in their own hands. Our goal is to produce models who embody the best in our human nature.
At the crossroads of Korean and Western cultures, SG Entertainment aims to bring the best of both worlds to lay the foundations for a serene and exciting tomorrow.

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