Paper Moon

Year of Production
Content Type
TV Drama (Mini-series)
Target Age
70(min) 10Quantity Input


When an ordinary housewife lands a job at a bank, taking care of elderly VIP clients, she finally finds purpose in life. By chance, she meets a grandson of a picky client. Just to please this young man, embezzlements of hundreds turn into thousands, thousands to ten thousands as she attempts to appease Minjae. Is there an end to all this?

Company Profile


KT StudioGenie

KT StudioGenie was formed to expand KT’s contents business through
original productions, acting as a key cog in the formation of the
KT Media Contents Ecosystem.

KT StudioGenie’s key business are as follows.

Production of Original Contents, Forming a Contents Value Chain.
-Create a value chain that houses original IPs, production, distribution and DTC platforms.
-Produce and distribute original contents to enhance KT media’s competitiveness

A Win-Win Studio Business for the Expansion of K-Contents
-Unearth and foster up-and –coming productions and creators
-Form a win-win business through IP sharing
-Co-produce and invest in global players for the market expansion of Korean contents

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