Peach Of Time

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This is a story of a ghost who cannot pass because of deeply-held grudge and a boy who falls in love with the creature. A story of a boy whose good heart changes the environment around. From Ji Bak-ryeong, a ghost with an ice-cold heart filled with rage for revenge; a mother who hurt her children despite good intentions; and a woman who has suddenly lost a loved man, all their pains and wrongdoings become alleviated once their fate crosses with the boy’s. He brings warmth, excitement, and sensibility. This drama carries a message that even in the darkest times of despair, there can be happy moments. Following the story, the viewers can empathize with the characters and feel comforted. This is not a cliché story of despicable, scary ghosts, but one filled with exciting stories. A love story of youth who overcome the boundaries set by death itself.

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