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Aspiring fairy tale writer Joo Young is like "Alice in Wonderland" that I read when I was young
I want to write a special fairy tale, but I'm always blocked by practical problems.
To make matters worse, the characters in the fairy tale, the clock rabbit, the chasher cat, and the dodo, are also
He escapes from the fairy tale and begins to disturb Joo-young's daily life.

One day, I fell into a rabbit hole when I heard about my dad's cancer
Joo-young arrived at a hospital in Busan where Byung-sam was hospitalized.
Ju-young is in a strange country-like hospital, and the cancer has spread to the brain
He goes on a special time trip with Byung-sam, who has turned 19.

Through this trip, Joo-young and Byung-sam's hidden inner thoughts begin to be revealed...
Can Joo-young and Byung-sam write their own true stories

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Daat Co., Ltd. has the motto of “Art to know through experience”.

Artistic values learned through daily experience

It is a talking art company.

Daat, composed of performing arts professionals

We develop and produce pure creative content, and through artist networking and art education program development,

We will strive to develop the arts industry by helping artists with their continuous creative activities and promoting the expansion and innovation of the performing arts field.

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