Porong Porong Dream Consultation

Year of Production
Content Type
Kids Education
Target Age
Infants and Toddlers
5(min) 5Quantity Input


Curations : 2021 / 5 episodes 5 mins x 1 season / Live-Action

Gia has lots of interests and dreams. It's not an easy job to choose a dream to pursue. To resolve Gia's concerns, Pororo and his friends comes to the Porong Porong Dream Consultation. Pororo and his friends are here to encourage Gia's dreams that are colorful like a rainbow with songs and dances! Let's join Gia's journey on finding her passion through a fun and exciting music drama!

Company Profile

Broadcasting Character Animation


ICONIX, a global leading animation company in Korea since 2001, has been producing classic and trendy animation by utilizing creative characters, advanced production system and strategic business mechanisms. ICONIX has been concentrating on establishing a strong market for creative animation and diversifying its contents to various character business domains, such as publication, music, show, theme park, and etc. Based on these activities, ICONIX has successfully distributed its animation and characters to 190 countries and is consistently looking for opportunities and global partners to broaden the business all over the world.
Major works include Pororo the Little Penguin, Tayo the Little Bus, Titipo Titipo, StoneAge, Flowering Heart, CHIRO, Art Odyssey.

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