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Kwon Kyung-chan, who pursues the killer who killed his sister 15 years ago.

Having become a police constable, he hides his identity and pursues various faces of evil walking around the world under the name of "Black Lamb." If I catch the bad guys, one day I'll meet the guy who killed your sister.
Seek the whereabouts of criminals, no matter what way they want to get revenge.

He started cooperating with detective Kang Cheol-ho, who is more like a gangster than a gangster, and pursued in earnest.

He's starting to move again.

Company Profile

Broadcasting Cartoon Startup


We started our business as a content production company by winning an award at the Bucheon Fantastic Film Festival in 2018 and own a number of IP contents.

While producing content, we realized the importance of infinitely expanding super IP, and came to the conclusion that the key to this is planning the story in the early stages. Accordingly, we developed an AI guiding platform that helps anyone who wants to write to plan their story well.

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