Queen of Masks

Year of Production
Content Type
TV Drama (Mini-series)
TV Channel
Target Age
70(min) 16Quantity Input


Truth overcomes lies, 
but it does not always work that way.
Light is said to repel darkness, 
but no one knows when the sun will rise.
A woman was brutally raped by a man that day. 
Money and power colluded and covered up the truth of the day. 
Ten years have passed.
The woman is living a successful and comfortable life. 
However, a woman's peaceful life is only a facade, 
and she still lives in the hell of the day.

She makes up her mind 
to build up her strength to reveal the truth of the day.
But the power of money and power was enormous.
It repeatedly scuttles her plans to reveal the truth. 
But she's not the one to sit still.
She smiles gracefully in the face of a desperate war. 
That's why she's even scarier.
This drama is about hiding the truth for an elegant lie
 people who block the light for the darkness to hide themselves.
It's a sweet and brutal fable.
Will she be able to reveal the truth of the day?
(Released in 2023)

Company Profile



Channel A Corporation

Channel A Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive channel of Korea broadcasting on Korea's pay-per-view platform. It was selected as a comprehensive channel operator by the Korea Communications Commission on December 31, 2010 and opened on December 1, It has been broadcasting programs in various genres such as news, drama, documentary, and entertainment since its inception. We also work with global partners such as BBC, NHK, and Netflix to supply a variety of genre content to the world.

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