red blood

Year of Production
Content Type
2D Animation
Target Age
10(min) 26Quantity Input
Production Stage
Detailed Genre


Red blood is a story of time travel. Dracula's granddaughter Sondra, who died 500 years ago, was revived by the power of technology. The thruth about dracula is revealed and her secret book breaks the mystery of time travel. The secret books and 4 elements needed for time travel had passed down to 4 animals due to a population barrier. Advances in technology bring animals to speak and walk.

Company Profile

Character Animation

character factory MANGCHI

character factory MANGCHI is a company of character design, character licensing, animation planning, character products selling. we have brands of Alien PPIO, gumdung gomdung, halabum, ru and shoo, bboshong friends, Cheer up PPUO PPUO, and A.I robot DUBI and DUBA, red blood. we have some animation projects .

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