Secret Crushes

Year of Production


Sometimes, people want to love someone and also get love from the other.
A target to love could be friends, family, lover and even it could be pets or plants they grow.
At this point of view, it can be said that we have a crush on something at all times.
This 'Secret Crushes' gives sympathy and laughter to us who has their own secret crushes.

Company Profile


Broadcasting Cartoon


KENAZ, a Webtoon production company, runs a Webtoon pre-production system to focus on Producing Webtoons with high quality of artwork and storyline.

Especially, about 200 Artists are active in the house.

Kenaz has founded a story-laboratory to develop Webtoon’s solid story. Also, To expand the range of artists and to provide the best work environment for creation, Kenaz established 'Studio PlumB' for Male targeted Webtoon, 'Studio Jungle' for Game IP based Webtoon, 'Studio TeamPeach' for Female targeted webtoon.

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