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◾ XR Gaming Attraction Bumper Car
- Unlike VR and AR, the next-generation XR (extended reality) attraction, which does not use HMD or AR Glass, illuminates images on the floor, wall, and ceiling of a large space, positions carts, bumper cars, and people in real time, feels immersed in an environment that seems to have entered the virtual reality experience space and enjoys games or sports realistically
◾ Mapping beam projection environments that require little interiors
- Various environments can be projected on the floor and walls of the workplace by simply changing/selecting content without changing the physical structure of the workplace, and operational diversification and scalability are very easy
◾ Currently, we have a total of 4 game contents and will update further
- (STAR PICKER) A personal Ranking game where the person who collects more star coins on the floor wins
- (SHARK WAVE) A personal ranking game that rescues sea creatures while avoiding shark attacks in the sea
- (SHOOTING RIDER) Battle PvP game where players fight against each other in the background of space
- (MONSTER ATTACK) A cooperative team game that defeats monsters with other players

Company Profile

Startup Immersive Content

newto co.,ltd.

Newto is an XR realistic service company whose main business is development and service of realistic content, construction of XR theme parks, construction of XR photo zones, development and service of metaverse.
Neuto was established with the goal of providing more valuable experiences to visitors to the space, and various efforts are being made to realize this. Neuto utilizes digital technology to fuse virtual spaces into real-world spaces to create new spatial experiences and combines real-time interaction (interaction) technology to provide more valuable spatial experiences to visitors. In the future, Neuto wants to create value for new spaces by making the boundaries between the online and offline worlds more flexible by further strengthening its capacity to build real-life spaces for online and offline interworking.

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