Smart order solution that combines NFC and high-speed wireless charging

Year of Production


IOT Platform for wireless charging and ordering/payment services via NFC - Wireless charging and a menu ordering system using NFC.
- Wireless charging is provided and the order screen is displayed on the customer's
smartphone using NFC at the same time.
- Customers can select the desired menu using his or her own mobile phone,
and can order and settle the payment.
- CNA's product uses cloud-based services, so do not need to install any
- Targeted advertising services: It is also available to provide targeted advertising
based on big data.

Company Profile


CNA Co., Ltd.

CNA Co., Ltd. is a provider of innovative smartphone cradles.
The product provides wireless charging for customers in offline stores
like cafeterias and beauty shops.
Simultaneously, it shows menus and advertisements on the customers’ smartphones and customers can make secure orders.
In addition, at airports and tourist attractions, it can recognize the basic language of each smartphone and thereby provides contents in that particular language.

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