Soul Seeker - Legend

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Genre :Collection RPG + Strategic battle system
Engine :Unity 3D
Platform :iOS, Android
Heroes :150 heroes(excluding monster characters)
New RPG using 'Soul Seeker's characters
-. 'Soul Seeker' character attractiveness has been proven by data
-. Many organic new users are acquired by 'Soul Seeker's character attractiveness
-. Much lighter and better optimized client
-. Attribute system provides strategic battle and BM is much more large
End of development :July. 2018
Launch date :October. 2018

Company Profile


Clegames, Inc.

Clegames is specialized in RPG and SLG mobile game. Clegames is developer , publisher
1. Number of employee : 50
2. History
1) Oct. 2013 :Established
2) Nov. 2013 : Publishing agreement with Com2us
3) Feb. 2015 : Soul Seeker RPG global launched(155 countries)
- 10 Milion downloaded
- Ranked Top 10 in gross revenue of RPG Genre in 59 countries
3) Jun. 2015 : Investment from VC(Kolon Investment)
4) Sep. 2018 : World beast war global launched. Google , Apple global featured
5) Nov. 2018 : Soul seeker 6 knights global launched. Google global featured
6) Mar. 2019 : Civilization War (SLG) global launched. Google global featured

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