Soulworker ZERO

Year of Production



Launching date : the second half of 2018.
Genre : MORPG
Platforms : Android and iOS

Company Profile


Aprogen Games inc.

LOCOJOY International changed into Aprogen Healthcare and Games Co., Ltd January 10. 2017.
Dragon Raja M was already commercialized to North America, Taiwan and Thailand.
Aprogen H and G is currently engaged in a variety of businesses including game business, wireless buslness, and pharmaceutical business.
Also, We launched "Fortress M" in Korea AOS/iOS market and the title had a good performance in both markets.
Our next project is “Soulworker ZERO,” which won a "good beta game award" from ONEstore which is Korean local AOS market. "Soulworker ZERO" will be ready for global sales by second-half of year 2019.

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