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Dubuddy is a professional design company that currently operates a factory capable of producing world-class acrylic products. Building on this foundation, we specialize in releasing customized products and have accumulated extensive experience. Especially in sports goods, we were the first in Korea to produce uniform acrylic goods, receiving love from many Korean clubs, professional teams, individuals, and organizations.

Based on these experiences and our expertise in design and production systems, we aim to enter the Japanese sports goods market. Considering Japan's more developed sports community than Korea, we believe that by providing meticulously designed and affordable yet world-class products, we can sufficiently target the Japanese sports goods market.

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DOBUDDY is a design-focused manufacturing company that pursues innovative and contemporary designs. Operating production processes utilizing reinforced acrylic vacuum compression molding, digital and offset printing, laser cutting, and other methods, it develops and manufactures a wide range of products such as name tags, keychains, magnets, parking number plates, frames, plaques, and clocks by applying its own designs of tourist souvenirs, fancy goods, characters, and props. It operates a service brand that satisfies the demands of personalized lifestyles, producing and selling customized products designed with unique identities reflecting customers' desired designs, colors, phrases, and more.

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