Strong Underdog

Year of Production
Content Type
Web/Mobile Content
Online Video Platform/MCN
Target Age
20(min) 6Quantity Input


Even today, Jung-Woo is bullied by the Jae-Sung gang. It's called the Shuttle tournament. It's a game to pick the winner by fighting between school shuttles. It's just a game for them, but Jung-woo is in the dark. He asks his uncle who runs the gym to teach him how to fight, but he is rejected again today. Then one day, Jung-woo happens to see Min-a, a transfer student, and he falls in love with her at first sight. And she also came here to avoid school violence and finds herself in the same situation as Jung-Woo. Jung-Woo has a new goal. It's about protecting her! He makes himself a promise that he will build a school without a shuttle. And his top priority is to win the shuttle tournament and knock down Jae-sung.

Company Profile



Jaye Entertainment Co., Ltd. focuses on the media image field including multimedia mainly among the many existing content business companies in Korea, so that the unreasonable elements arising from the existing content distribution transactions are treated as sound and reasonable It is a company that has led to the distribution stage. We understand the needs of content holders and content users precisely and provide content, and realize seamless content distribution services through direct and indirect investment. Based on the network and expertise of the existing media field, we have the ability to carry out reliable projects.

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