Sungkyunkwan Scadal

Year of Production
Content Type
TV Drama (Mini-series)
TV Channel
Target Age
70(min) 20Quantity Input


Romantic historical drama showing passionate youth, great dreams, fresh romance and friendship between young scholars of ‘Sungkyunkwan’ in the Joseon Dynasty.

A girl in man’s clothes enters Sungkyunkwan in the Joseon Dynasty!
During the Joseon Dynasty, women weren’t even counted as population due to the strict idea of predominance of men over women, What if a women dressed up like a man passes a exam and enters “Sungkyunkwan” that is forbidden to women? And becomes a roommate of two stunningly handsome guys and receives passionate love from both of them

Company Profile


Raemongraein Co,. Ltd.

Since its establishment in 2007 under the founding philosophy of 'person and dream’, Raemongraein has continued its growth over the last 11 years, playing a crucial role in making drams such as "Sungkyunkwan Scandal", "A Night watchman" "My sassy girl" and so on.
Raemongraein has four main departments; Drama Production / General Administration / Contents Business / Entertainment Management Business for rapid and efficient business in order to meet customer’s needs. Furthermore, Raemongraein will promote sustaining (market) growth into international markets beyond domestic and Asia based on existing efficient production system with our killer contents.

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