Super Z

Year of Production
Content Type
3D Animation
Target Age
11(min) 26Quantity Input
Production Stage
Completed Programs
Detailed Genre
Comic Action


In Storia town, there is a lovely family who has a secret.
Zach’s family has super natural power if they have ‘Super Yum Yum’ dishes.
But when incidents happened, Super Power Zach goes into action to keep the peace of town!!

Power UP, Super Zach!!

Company Profile

Character Animation


Established in 1998, Ocon Studios has been Korea's leading animation studio specialized in CGI and 3D animation.
From the 'Dibo, the gift dragon' a world level TV animated series released in 2008, OCON keeps releasing a lot of animated TV series and Feature films.
Currently, OCON releasing Pororo animation movie once a year since 2013, and the 4th movie was released in 2017 winter.
New TV animated series 'TOY COP' and 'SUPER ZACH' will be released in 2018. Licensing and merchandising business is one of the main businesses of OCON and successfully launched many domestic and foreign characters.

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