Sweet and Salty Office

Year of Production
Content Type
TV Drama (Mini-series)
Target Age
60(min) 10Quantity Input


Eating a bowl of bean sprout and rice soup in the morning after staying up all night.
Eating sweet brunch with the sunlight in a while on a drowsy weekend after oversleeping.
Eating sweet and sour chicken, pork and rice soup and samhap on a business trip...
If you are an office worker, you can relate to those food.
Let's eat the food together while tracking her life.
It's a drama healing and warming you while crying, laughing and eating together with her who knows how to enjoy a meal although she has lived more fiercely than anyone!
It's a new concept of a drama where office workers find good restaurants, which is both a variety show introducing good restaurants and a entertaining office drama!

Company Profile

Broadcasting Music


MBC PLUS is a subsidiary company of MBC, a multi-channel service provider that provides cable, satellite, IPTV, and N-screen services. Currently, MBC PLUS is a new media broadcasting company that operates 6 channels of MBC drama net (dramas), MBC everyone (entertainment), MBC M (Digital Contents), MBC sports , MBC ON(classic dramas) . In the meantime, we have created creative contents such as Weekly idol, Muhan Girls, and Show champion and have become a leader in sports broadcasting. MBC PLUS does not just stay in the broadcasting production business, but also pioneering new markets in various fields such as performances and events.

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