Tale of the Yellow Dragon

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Dojin's only family member, her sister and her daughter, Myeong-joo, are precious treasures.
Dojin has an accident on his way home on Myeong-joo's birthday. Dojin wakes up in a world called the emperors.
-Those who call the city the emperor and Yellow Dragon who brought it into this world to protect it.
Yellow Dragon tells Dojin that if he becomes emperor and gives away "Energy," he will be sent back to the world where he was.

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U-JEWEL MEDIA develops specialized webtoons talents through virtuous cycles and develops specialized technologies for webtoons through Research and Development. We produce dedicated software and accumulate 3D-based resources to pursue the production of high quality webtoons.
Although it is a production and agency that provides production to paid webtoon platforms such as Kakao pages, Naver series, TopToon, Toomics, BomToon, Mr Blue, Battlecomics, Peanutoon, and One Store, but has a digital content company that finds amateur artists and creates and owns their own copyrights rather than linking existing artists to contracts.

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