Tasty Love

Year of Production
Content Type
TV Drama (Short)
Online Video Platform/MCN
Target Age
8(min) 16Quantity Input


Opposites attract. A dynamic meeting of a girl from North Korea who cannot live without tasty food and a South Korean guy who doesn't care what he eats.

Ma is a workaholic director of a TV show who strives to succeed but his reality does not let that happen which makes him burn-out. For him, food is simply an energy source.

This flips around when he meets Yeon Du, an enthusiast about tasty food. She opens Ma's eyes on the dynamic world of food.

Company Profile



Yoon and Company Inc. was established in September 2016 by Yoon Jong-Ho who was the formal CEO of Everyshow Inc. As a multimedia entertainment company, Yoon and Company Inc. is creating a co-production drama with Taiwan as well as producing and licensing TV drama series, variety shows and library content with an active international distribution. We are expanding our networks through various businesses and mature and immature markets that have not been developed. Yoon and Company Inc. is constantly discovering and supporting talented artists, working with writers and producers for developing creative items to flourish the business in the pop culture and arts industry.

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