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The Animal Hood is a VR archery game where you can use your archery skills to defend your town against pirates. Each pirates move and behave in different ways. You must have diverse tactics if you wish to survive! We provide unlimited supply of regular arrows, but Bomb arrows are limited. You should used them wisely. If you want don't like playing solo, enjoy the Co-op mode for 2 players. Share your VR experience.

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Barunson is a leading entertainment company located in Korea. We are specializing in development and investment of game and films which are based on new media such as VR, AR, MR, Hologram. We operates VR theme parks with our VR games like Billion Hood, Mad Room and etc. In 2018, we also released the first Korean VR film 'Stay with me'. Moreover, we have MR indoor sports using beam projection which give players experience of basketball, soccer, and rock climbing.

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