The battle of the Muk-fia

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Now it's a battle of pride!
In the previous season, the diverse challenger group and the top-notch eater, Muk-fia, clashed. With 12 wins out of 13 rounds, the Muk-fia squad showcased incredible skills. No more challenger groups matter! It's a 3:3 showdown between the reigning champions and the new faces—three seasoned pros and three fresh foodies. Let the battle of the best food fighters begin!

Company Profile


IHQ Inc.

The two companies that have been leading the entertainment industry are working together to make a true win-win.
In March 2015, IHQ, which was born into a comprehensive entertainment company that integrates content and media,
Through strategic cooperation between each division and affiliated companies, we will create synergy and leap toward a bigger goal.

By combining the previous management, content production capabilities, and platform operation know-how, and strengthening the music/hallyu-related entertainment business through collaboration with affiliates, it is actively exploring not only domestic but also global markets.
will grow into a unique entertainment company.

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