The Boxer

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Yu, a boy who grew up in a state of extreme anxiety due to domestic violence from his childhood. For that reason, a boy has the utmost concentration to see a flying bullet. The boxing legend's trainer, K, who recognized his ability, brought Yu into the world of boxing. The boy's talent and K's superb training make Yu an undefeated champion in boxing history immediately.

On the other hand, unlike Yu, Jay doesn't have such a natural talent for boxing, and he's not a successful boxer. Even if he doesn't win, he bet everything on every game with outstanding determination so his game was like a scene from a drama every time. He will compete against Yu, a genius boxer, for the championship belt.

Lonely genius boxer vs Veteran boxer who doesn't give up
What will happen to end of this game?

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We, Ultramedia Co., Ltd. is a leading producer and distributor of digital cartoon contents for Korea and other markets include Japan and USA market. There are more than 100 high-qualitied webtoons we produced and this is one of reasons why many platforms are eyes on our company. Specially, our plan is to be a Trans-media company where keeps step ahead for a bigger business picture such as movie, TV drama, animation, character business and game based on own webtoon IP.

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