The Earth Human and Animal

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With the webtoons and animations that contain the everyday and hidden stories of the various animals that existed on the earth or exist, we are giving fun and lessons to the readers with the unique animal character of 'The Earth, Human and Animal'.

Company Profile

Character Animation

JR Group Co., Ltd.

JR Group Co., Ltd. is carrying out the webtoon / animation and character licensing business with the contents of "The Earth, Human and Animal" and is exploring the domestic and overseas markets. "The Earth, Human and Animal" was originally published in Naver for over 6 years, and it has more than 15 million views. It has been produced in 90 animations and is being provided to 3 IPTV companies (SK, KT, LG) through TV broadcast and KBS media . "The Earth, Human and Animal" is a diverse and cute animal character with over 20 kinds of licensing products that are inspired and learned with a story of love, growth and love like a person. We are expanding the scope of licensing through collaboration with many company.

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