The Ghost Restaurant

Year of Production
Content Type
TV Drama (Series)
Target Age
15(min) 10Quantity Input


What if we could see dead souls and talk? The Movie "Ghost" Like ' Whoopi Goldberg' it could be the messenger of the living and the dead soul.
It may be possible to ease the sorrow of a dead ghost as it is. What if you had that kind of power before you died and you still wanted to see it? Can the old woman, who is the only country divided by the two Koreas and who is looking for husband that may be met in her death, make her wish come true through conversation with ghosts?

Company Profile

Broadcasting Cartoon Animation


Seoul Donghwa Pictures, which was founded in 1982, is the oldest film production company in Korea and has been with the history of Korean animation.
We have produced a total of 77 films, including 26 animated films, and we hope to become Korea's best film producer based on fun and emotion, and with our rich field experience and proven planning skills, we will improve the quality of our work, the screenplay and the screenplay and become an audience/viewer oriented film producer.

Based on our continued ties with three broadcasting companies, cable and film distributors, investors and leading overseas video production/content companies, we will lead differentiated concept and stable production.

Seoul Donghwa Pictures aims to become a comprehensive content cultural business entertainment with its accumulated experience and content.

Keeping a stable and reasonable investment/distribution system will be a way for Seoul Donghwa Pictures to make profits for investors, give audiences and viewers a fun and heart-to-heart feeling to see and listen to their ears, and develop content to become a small help for Korea, a cultural powerhouse.

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