The Gift from God

Year of Production
Content Type
TV Drama (Mini-series)
TV Channel
Target Age
60(min) 8Quantity Input


An Asian version of Romeo and Juliet!
A love of a thousand years blooms within the conspiracy and betrayal revolving around the restoration of the Vietnamese ancient musical instruments Jade Stone Chimes and Bell Chimes referred to as "The Gift from God".
Ly Long Tường, the last prince of the Vietnamese Ly dynasty who loved the daughter of an enemy who murdered his family a thousand years ago,A thousand years later he becomes a Korean LEE Sang-hoon and falls in a fateful love when he meets Princess Yen who loved in past life as a life-saver in the present age(Tien). But they still face the fate of being the enemy of the family. It is confronted with a huge secret hidden in the restoration projects of the heavenly instruments Jade Stone Chimes and Bell Chimes.

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Company name, "KANG CONTENTS" means "our Contents are Strong."
We are expert in planning and producing worldwide contents.
We produce dramas, movies, entertainment unscripted format, and documentaries.
In particular, we produce dramas and movies starring K-pop idol stars.

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