The Graceful Family

Year of Production
Content Type
TV Drama (Mini-series)
TV Channel
Target Age
70(min) 16Quantity Input



A suspenseful melodrama in which Mo Suk-hee, the heiress of a rich family who lost her mother in a murder case 15 years ago, partners up with Heo Yoon-do, a less than mediocre lawyer looking to vindicate his mother accused of a murder, to reveal the truth of the past

Company Profile


iHQ, Inc.

The two companies that have been leading the entertainment industry are working together to make a true win-win.
In March 2015, IHQ, which was born into a comprehensive entertainment company that integrates content and media,
Through strategic cooperation between each division and affiliated companies, we will create synergy and leap toward a bigger goal.

By combining the previous management, content production capabilities, and platform operation know-how, and strengthening the music/hallyu-related entertainment business through collaboration with affiliates, it is actively exploring not only domestic but also global markets.
will grow into a unique entertainment company.

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