The Little Dinosaur Kuang

Year of Production
Content Type
3D Animation
Target Age
5(min) 26Quantity Input
Production Stage
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(World view)
The World of Dinosaur Friends "Dino Village"
Singing-loving dinosaur friends transform into great stages and devices anytime, anywhere.The all-around bus "Genie" travels
around Dino Village, expressing what they have awakened in a song.

Kuang, Carrie, Greeny, Pico and Tobi had a very good relationship in this dinosaur village.
They have completely different personalities and appearances, but they love music.
The dino band will be joined by the band.
The music is the most important thing in their mind.
They use music to have fun, to gain fresh knowledge, to create amazing inventions as well as to figure out quarrel between them.
(KUANG The Little Dinosaur) it's a content that can see these little dinosaurs growing up step by step through their singing.

Company Profile

Character Cartoon Animation

Soul Creative co., LTD

Soul Creative Co., Ltd. is professional animation production studio and providing TV series, animation film, mobile animation and etc. In addition, we are keep effort and explorations to provide variety of genre and platform. We have been engaged in animation planning, production and distribution, also extend business to character licensing.
The motto of Soul Creative is fun and communication. Our goal is to bring you the excitement of content that is fun.

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