The Little Musician

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The live musical theatre performance.
“When will a brave person come to the world? If that, brave person is me?”
One winter day, dark and cold are coming to world because sunshine is freezing. A little musician begins walking to save the world that lost light. She has nothing except just one flute.

New adaption of a fairy tale in Central Asia. The journey is made by vivid live-sound simulating the audience’s imagination.
The show is filled by ingenious ideas. The yellow wood boards become sunshine, the bubble wrap becomes the twinkle snowy field and the plastic bag becomes transparent ice chunks. During the show the audience can get apart from all the digital devices and experience the analog fantasy. The Little Musician's adventure will stimulate the imagination and spirits of adventure, and capture the hearts with warm story filled with hope and sunshine.

Company Profile

Broadcasting Startup Immersive Content Other


BRUSH Theatre highly values the rights of all children and youth around the globe, regardless of their social, financial, geographical backgrounds and situations.
We respect today's youth as today's audience, not as future audience. To blend in the arts to their ordinary lives, we provide colorful arts experiences to establish cultural value for the youth.
From the beginning, we have been targeting international audiences in global market. From the creation, production to distribution and performance tours, all of our works take in mind of international audiences from broad, various backgrounds.
As a result of our efforts, we are continuously being invited from renown performing arts festivals and venues around the world, also allowing expansions through art markets, and new possible platforms to reach out to the world.

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