The Male

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There are two purposes of life; survival and sex. Survival of the fittest and sexual selection drive populations of all lifeforms. Surviving without the act of sex is meaningless as it means no reproduction. The winner of the ruthless “evolutionary war” is not the one who had survived, but rather who had succeeded in sexual selection: the reason why males have such a strong desire and craze for sex.
The UHD documentary, 'The Male', closely captures 20 rare species of “sex-crazed” fervent male birds from all around the world, exploring how sexual selection can be both holy and miraculous through the observation of 30 different species of birds in Australia, Papua New Guinea’s jungle, Senegal in Africa, Central and South America, Northern Europe, and other parts of Asia, such as Japan and Indonesia.

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Korea Educational Broadcasting System

EBS is Korea's educational content specialist broadcasting company. Currently, EBS operates eight channels including two terrestrial channels, one radio channel, three satellite education channels, one child channel and one channel for overseas Koreans. Terrestrial channels broadcast educational programs for infants and children, cultural and documentary programs for adults, VOD services through various Internet / mobile sites, and e-Learning content for each level.
Especially, EBS is a broadcasting company that makes world-class children's programs and documentaries beyond Korea. EBS science, history and nature documentaries are already recognized in the world market and are exported to North American and European broadcasters such as PBS, Smithsonian Channel in USA, France5, Arte and RAI in Europe.

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