The Nut Job

Year of Production
Content Type
3D Animation
Target Age
86(min) 1Quantity Input
Production Stage
Completed Programs
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For years Surly and Buddy, have been terrorizing Liberty Park. As the animals assemble a team to heist the nut cart, Surly sets his sights on the very same cart, which results in the fiery destruction of the place where the animals store all their food for winter. Now the leader of the park banishes Surly from the safety of the park into the jaws of downtown.
Surly and Buddy nearly give up as they try to survive in the city from humans and murderous rats, that is until they stumble across Nut Store filled to the brim of every nut imaginable! However, unbeknownst to Surly and Buddy, the nut store is a front for four robbers plotting a bank heist of outrageous proportions.
“The Nut Job” is a tale of an anti-hero who risks losing everything for the sake of his own greed. Through it all Surly discovers that he and the community need one another and form a relationship that is as intricate as a well-planned heist.

Company Profile

Character Animation

Redrover Co., Ltd.

From the first to the Greatest

The center of value chain of Asian cultural business, Redrover

The Nut Job was unprecedented success in the Asian animation history as it recorded 160 million dollars in sales all over the world and came in second place in the Hollywood box office.

Aside from the successful history, Redrover will promise to grow up as the global contents production company over the Asia.

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