The Skull King

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3D Animation
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There is no trace of humans. Only the skulls live in skull world.
The world had been cast in the shadows of death.
It was fortunate, that over tens of thousands of years’ time, existence has gradually transformed the skulls to yearn for something fun and realize that the joy of laughter doubles when shared.
The skull empire was the first to find out that laughter turns to joy. The more such laughter has spread over the empire the more they have changed from the typical skulls we know of, to those with playful and giggling features. The spread of this laughter virus in the empire has traveled to the neighboring skull paradise.
However, this is not the case for the two leaders of the skull empire and skull paradise. They are grimly intent on taking over one another’s nation. It is not clear whether the soldiers are unaware of the king’s intentions or are deliberately behaving that way, but they are such careless pranksters, whose jokes always cross the line, bungling the kings’ plans.
It is such an irony that, in the Skull World filled with the darkness of death, we can witness the revitalizing force of life from their battles and new life from their laughter.

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Anyzac was established in year 2013 by a number of global experts who have much experience in animation production. Based on its excellent planning and originality, it has produced animations of various genres, including <Zombiedumb>, <Time Traveler Luke> and <iN:APP>. We are currently preparing new projects such as <Space Shaman Hunter>, <The Skull King>, and <Clown Town the movie>.

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