The story of Bookworm GOGO

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Well known stories from the world are selected and edited for the level of our target age under 4 years old, so that kids can enjoy and learn stories from the animation The story of Bookworm GOGO, as a part of the story. We have developed digital interactive story telling technologies that readers can go inside of the story in a screen, and not only telling the stories but also play quiz based on the story.

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Connecting the world through ‘crispy’ fun, ‘XrisP’ started as an animation production company with our TV series, "Rollercoaster Boy, Nori" which aired on KBS and has been distributed to over 20 countries. Building on the 'Nori' IP, we diversified our portfolio by planning, producing, and servicing ICT-integrated products. Our indoor children's playground, the Nori Digital Kids Cafe, successfully entered the European market with our franchise, Nori Kids Center, in Frankfurt, Germany. Moreover, in 2021, we took a bold step into the metaverse with the launch of 'NORI CUBE.‘ an O2O (Online-to-Offline) platform a touch-based, interactive and immersive XR experience in a cubical space, without the need for headsets or goggles, seamlessly integrating all a metaverse.
In September 2023, XrisP released the beta version of Nori Farm app, a first-of-its-kind project into the agricultural metaverse business model which users can cultivate crops on a virtual farm and receive the harvests in tangible form right at their doorsteps for free. At XrisP, we're committed to continually providing smart family life experiences, one 'crispy' moment at a time.

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