The Three Musketeers of LOVE

Year of Production
Content Type
TV Drama (Mini-series)
TV Channel
Target Age
60(min) 16Quantity Input


1. Genre : Youth romance Growth drama

2. Number of productions: 16 trilogy * 60 fractions

3. Direction: Lee Seung-hoon (MBN's best chicken, TV Chosun Tae-gun)

4. Writer : Park Eun-joo (MBC Weekend Special Screen Hide and Seek Assistant Artist)

5. Planning Intent :

Love is like a flower. beautiful. Sexy and truly romantic.

But it is difficult. That's so difficult.

This drama tells the pilgrims of love

I want to be a warm cheer.

Do not bother! Do not even bother!

Technology requires skill and effort.

Love too!

Here are some of the lovemakers who helped your loved one get lost.

Love is a crisis?

"If so, I will help you succeed in your romance regardless of means and methods!"

I am a strong and good boyfriend who protects me from my persistent boyfriend,

When I want to break up with my lover,

My boyfriend has become a new lover I have to give up,

Become a rival to make your favorite person jealous!

Specs, paying tuition, giving up a lot of things,

I can not afford to l

Company Profile


WEMAD Co.,Ltd.

We are an all-round entertainment company whose main business is producing contents such as dramas and movies.
WEMAD is a group of content experts with over 15 years experience. We aims to contribute to the formation of creative pop culture based on a systematic system for the development of cultural content development, So we were established in June 2019 to continuously provide the above content and provide the best service.
In the rapidly changing 4th industrial era, WEMAD will become an international co-production company that specializes in K- romance series that can become the center of the domestic and foreign cultural content industry through competitive systems, creative content, and various creative content marketing projects.
Thank you.

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